Winter 2021

Entertainment and its limits: Current approaches in entertainment research (Master's Level; together with Dr. Brigitte Naderer)

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? - How companies advertise diversity and why they (can) fail at this (Empirical Project, Bachelor's Level) 

Thesis Colloquium (Team Rieger, Bachelor's and MAster's Level)
@LMU Munich

Summer 2021

Data Analysis (Bachelor's Level)
@LMU Munich

Winter 2020

"Greenwashing", "Blackwashing", and "Rainbowwashing": How companies engage in Coporate Social Responsibilities and how they (may) fail (Empirical Project, Bachelor's Level)
@LMU Munich

Summer 2020

Data Analysis (Bachelor's Level)
@LMU Munich

Winter 2019

Populism and Nostalgia in Political Communication (Empirical Project, Bachelor's Level)

 I Don’t Buy Your Argument, but I Like Your Story - Narrative Persuasion in Advertising.

(Empirical Project, Bachelor's Level)

Communicating Science (Practical Course on a Public Relations Campaign for the 2020 DGPuK Conference) (Bachelor's Level)
@LMU Munich

Summer 2019

Data Analysis (Bachelor's Level)
@LMU Munich

Winter 2018

Data Analysis (Master's Level)
@ LMU Munich

Winter 2016

Media | Research | History (Bachelor's Level)
@ University of Mannheim